About Us

The Fit Planet is a brand name owned by M/s Aquil and Sons Fitmind LLP that was founded by Mr. Mohammad Rashid and Mr. Shams Tabrez in October 2019. Both brother have vast experience of working in fitness industry since 2007. They have worked for Fitness First at various top positions in India and UAE for 15+ Years. With their love for working out, they figured that there would be no better small business to open than a gym. Even the pandemic couldn't affect our growth. Fit Planet is currently operational at two locations, one at R.P.S. More and another at Ashiyana. The two brother's however have big plans, Fit Planet is in fact not going to stay some small, local gym, but rather, it is going to expand nationally as a franchise.


Expert Trainers



Our Mission

By helping Population, change their activity patterns and choose more healthy lifestyles, Fit Planet will lower their health care expenditures, while raising healthy lifestyle. Better lifestyle will reduce stress and mental fatigue, boosts natural energy, Cure sleeping disorders, improves cardiovascular function, healthy appetite which also helps to reduce and control body-weight and fat percentage etc.